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dawning life

why ?

the world one
MIT computer program
already calculated in 1973 ?

that this un civilization will be ending
because they have no civilization >

but this insane madness
of all those thousands of million lunatics

where one madness there >
with the other irresponsibility
compete coming to power
to fanning on

this madness

and every human being
so every homo sapiens
fainted watching

and dreaming of nothing else
like that there are humans some
where ???

because only
homo sapiens have the legal capacity >
for being responsible for a future >
because everyone insane

just raving about madness

from all his maddened errors
guarded by trained predator beast
from an attacking NATO !

from an unlawful state
so where there are only un right instances
and no human rights what so ever

the basic law institute

and no where a single hope
on even one argument

concerning all this insanity

this madness
so this opposite
of the meaning of life

the argumentocracy

since these are all wrong yes
just the madness of dying
yes wanting to glorify
in her madness...

our cosmic community

so we see

that these billions are so insane
that they think their madness is the highest value
in this universe > that they can destroy so well

or in particular eg the sovereignty of the borders
guarantee for ukraine > because they are so insane >

for the creations of the russian people there
confiscate as the most important priority !!!

do you know now ?
what am I talking about here ?

madness as the highest value !
so put predatory animals under human damage
so that all these eat food away from humans
if they do not eat people right away !

is this not the highest value ever ?
in the delusion of all thousand of millions !

a predatory bird on the coat of arms ?
of his predatory animal state ....

a country predatory animal on the flag
of a federal state ???

how could such human rights
want to guarantee > if they do
also license predatory animals
to these beasts of prey?


to becoming annoyed

to his very death

being the destiny of every baby
before he will ever becoming
realy aware of this reality

before he will realy being able to verbaliesing
this impossible death to his very entity

so here being this hierarchy of homo destructus
and the homo animalis for the finally rule
of all power

where everything is destroyed seemingly holy
people and nature > because beasts of prey
under completely safe nature and people
harm > so these all perfect
hierarchy of damage

this meaningless success
bragging about a sham legal damage
so this of all damaging states

where some one coming up with this idea every day
and before he will die from all this damage
he starting as many of these as possible
to redeeming from this orgy of damage
and then himself even

so now we have the ultimate sociology
of this world at our disposal to save it
we just need to start stopping this harm
and human rights without ifs and buts
guarantee and an argumentocracy

realizing where everyone can be
showing all damage that he recognizes
and there by the power to remove

who making use of all this appearance
resulting in > a humanity realizing

so this we > the trillion homo sapiens
for a thousand million years in this universe
doing every day for the fulfillment of all ...

this planetary population

being not even aware
that they are not even aware

they do not even know

how realy enslaved
since they are in reality

first of all
killing themself

and secondly
have already been spiritually killed
by their parents

who have already died

who they either love for it
or hate them

for having been killed
by their ....


so it goes to awaken all
to create a future for themself
for everyone in this world

because only when everyone is awake
and being aware of what they are doing
will all have a future
can have

will all be able to live

will all
be able to have a present
without constantly on the run
to being ahead of reality

since all this being
about a fata morgana
so a false hope

there being
the glistening water in front
that will quench our thirst

for example everyone just wants
shopping in a market
and not see at all

that this will end their world
but we should do everything
harvest somewhere ourself

without transport routes
without slaves doing this 10 hours
every day

to have an existence

or have a vacation
on the canaries

but are not sailing there
but flying there

and then talk sustainability

it is not about denouncing
all of these enslaved

but to set free everyone

do not regret any thing
but set them free

from being one victim
having nothing to want

then waste his environment
in competition

with all those others

waste any one not flipping
our planetary climate
in competition

with all those others

since if we will not
set all those free

to being homo sapiens
and never competing
with all this

we will be wasteing our selfs
from our own doing

in this universe

all being possible or nothing it all a 100% utopia or 100% death


what we have on here today this perfect crime

 where an organized crime competeing with the other loseing all future

 all human dignity because nothing being possible only this perfect semblance of humanity this semblance of success on the very other side be the guaranteed endless success and fulfillment all wishes possible so a utopia without wars ... injustice illness and this hopelessness above for each human being where everyone has a vote so the most important element for a real success since only if criticism

 each and every one is doing

 his responsibility so a public one imagine reality can it can not be a crime since no freedom to

 given to lose everything but for everything only win all createing value every day only maintaining values guaranteeing worlds the whole universe to guarantee as soon as such a humanity the cosmic reality developed we have everything because all out of consciousness created from this confrontation just can not help just being the perfect citizen where every solution is desired every problem can principally no success may have all because of the reality the cosmic... as a basis serve for all actions for all then right decisions where no vanity possible no crime just paradise on earth however only for the human

 so the addressable one the infinitely conscious perfect responsibility perfect sense with endless fulfilled lives where everyone in their right mind

 can believe in

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